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Online Job Applications really easy!!

What do the applicants actually think about our job portal? Here you can find some comments from applicants who have submitted their applications through our customers’ online portals. As you can see, it really is "Software that understands" - honestly!

  • "I find your job portal very successful, as it’s clearly laid out and quick to use. Virtually all the relevant questions can be answered with only a few mouse clicks. As I have been 'testing' several online application processes over the last few days, this one truly deserves some positive feedback."
  • "Your Web site for submitting job applications is very good. It is particularly clearly laid out and can be grasped intuitively, so it’s understandable for the end user. What’s really important is that your Web site runs in a reliable way."
  • "The online job application facility works quickly and without any problems. I think it’s great that, in your system, you don’t have to key in the CV step by step – you can simply upload it. Thanks for making it so easy!"
  • "I really must compliment your online job application process! At last there is a job application portal that:
    a) is well structured and clearly laid out
    b) gives the applicant sufficient freedom to present themselves individually
    c) is not as time-consuming as other online processes
  • I also think the option to add changes up to 24 hours later, and to follow the progress of the application, is brilliant."
  • "Online application procedure is excellent - very easy to use."
  • "I find your entire online job application process very good and user friendly. It is a good service to the applicant, as it is less complicated than creating an application portfolio for the traditional postal procedure.
  • I also found it very nice that, when you log in, you were greeted by your administrator. That has a very personal effect. The fact that you can also make changes to your application later is a real service."
  • "I am very happy with your online application procedure, as you can upload your complete application documentation as an attachment and you only need to enter your personal details first. Compared with a screen where all the data and application documentation is inserted, this way the individuality, and even the creativity, of an application remains unaffected."
  • "Great praise for the portal that works so brilliantly! No error messages, lots of room for attachments and an editing option. Truly well done. Thanks a lot. "
  • "Having used many online job application portals over the last few days, I can honestly say that this is one of the best. It works quickly, easily and, most important of all, it remains individual for each applicant. The default framework is broadly conceived. The 7MB memory capacity is also very obliging."
  • "The job portal is very good. It was the first time I have made an application this way and it all worked. The uploading of the documents also worked well. Altogether a good, quick and easy way to apply for a job."
  • "Very simple and well-laid-out design and thus user-friendly. The online form is delightfully uncomplicated and set up for all the essential elements. Altogether very successful."
  • "With a system like that submitting job applications can really be fun once more! Keep it up!"
  • "I like your portal very much. With the status bar at the top of the screen it really is very clear. At each moment the online applicant knows which status he is currently in, and which data still needs to be entered."
  • "Your job application portal is very user friendly and, in spite of its brevity, it contains all the important features and information. The large memory capacity for attachments is a great advantage. Thank you!"
  • "Although I was very sceptical at the beginning, your online job application process won me over. It’s very easy to use. It is very convenient to manage everything at the PC. And, above all, it is costs little compared with a postal application."
  • "Compared with other job portals I find yours very clear and user friendly. Thanks very much!"

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