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About 2.000 customers with approximately four million application processes per year rely on rexx Recruiting – all over Europe. You too can put your trust in one of the leading providers of recruiting software.




It begins with a new job or the process of filling a vacant position. The department initiates a staffing request though the rexx workflow. Approval steps and the content of the application templates can be freely defined. This lays the foundation for lean, clear application management right from the start – from the staffing request, through the recruiting process to appointment.



Quickly and easily create the job advertisement using the information from rexx workflow. Create individual designs with the help of the form designer – or take advantage of the attractive templates. Just one click and the job advertisement is available in all formats necessary for modern recruitment – for print, for web and also for mobile end devices such as smartphones and tablets.



It is common knowledge that your young target group mainly looks for job offers through the web or social media. You can only reach them with targeted e-recruiting. Interfaces to all common job sites and social media platforms allow you to conveniently and easily publish your job offers.



Our recruiting software is the perfect assistant for helping you organise your application process quickly, conveniently and, above all, efficiently. For example, it will remind you that feedback from the department or the applicant is still outstanding. The rexx contact engine ensures that you remain in contact with promising candidates in the talent pool.



rexx Ranking automatically qualifies applicants by means of the specified job profile and evaluation criteria. Email and print applications are processed by the integrated CV parser and prepared for you in a structured way. Video interviews and diagnostic aptitude tests can be integrated optionally as an additional way to ensure the quality of the new employee.



rexx Application Management has now integrated the new Multiposting function, which is free for you to use. This means that you can now easily create, measure and manage job adverts. This is another step towards designing all rexx Suite processes in a way that is even more digital and, above all, efficient. All administrative processes for displaying and billing for job adverts can therefore be completely administrated.

rexx Job Portal as an online career page

An attractively designed career area on your website draws in applicants – however, the way in which the job portal performs “in the background” is the really decisive factor.
With rexx Recruiting, you get clear and easy-to-operate software for your online job site. A career portal that unites all functions: company corporate identity, employer branding, job advertising and content management.

Publish a job offer
Conveniently create job offers using the rexx Job Advertisement Designer on the basis of the templates provided. Publish your job advertisement quickly and easily on your company homepage, on external job sites such as Stepstone or Monster or through social media channels such as Facebook, Xing and LinkedIn. As desired, you can also conveniently forward your job advertisements to your agency or to print media for publication. The job advertisements can also be operated as an independent career page or can be integrated as a widget into your other online platforms, such as your blog, for example.


Optimise advertisements

The software supports functions that serve to make your job advertisements more easily found by search machines – the key word here is search engine optimization or SEO. Powerful tools analyse the online behaviour of visitors to your careers site to enable you to gain valuable information to facilitate ongoing optimisation of the job advertisement and the entire job portal.


rexx Form Designer

For online applications through the rexx Job Portal, the focus is on making it simple for the applicant to use. With rexx Form Designer, you determine which formula fields are necessary for the job profile and which are not, saving time for the candidates during the application process. This strengthens the applicants’ positive impression of the company as they are able to quickly and conveniently submit their application documents.


finest jobs

With its offer of free job advertisements, the job site, finest-jobs.com, operated by rexx systems, ensures additional coverage for your job advertisement.


Responsive Design

The standard from rexx Recruitment appears in responsive design. Your online job advertisement is thus automatically displayed in optimised form to fit every screen size – whether it’s a desktop PC, a tablet or a smartphone. The online application form is also designed as responsive.



Success with recommendation management

rexx Suite enables you to publish new vacancies in the selfservice employee portal. People are digitally online here every day anyway, e.g. when they use rexx employee and manager selfservices. Attractive presentation of the job post and a reward system increases employee participation to share and recommend vacancies on social media and personal media enormously.


Your employees’ networks are a pool

No more than 5% of jobs are filled as a result of recommendations in classic recommendation programmes not supported by software. With the rexx recommendation management, new jobs appear immediately in the Stream / ESN of the rexx staff portal - and everyone sees it! Therefore, the proportion of jobs filled because of staff recommendations is multiplied.


Reduce costs and inspire dormant applicants

By encouraging your people to share and recommend vacancies, you are extending the reach of your jobs enormously at virtually no cost! Distribution in social networks and viral effects make potential candidates, who are not even actively looking for a job but whose interest is awakened by the personal recommendation, aware of your vacancies.


Employer Branding

You strengthen your brand, and particularly your brand as an employer, each time your vacancies are distributed. Because if employees publicise jobs in their company, they are confident in their employer; that is completely credible for candidates who know the person making the recommendation personally through social networks.



Reward your employees’ activities through incentives to increase motivation. The integrated account system of rexx recommendation management will support you. Additionally, the activities do not always have to attract actual rewards. You awaken the enthusiasm of your people to take part through so-called gamification elements (e.g. public ranking list of the top scorers) and digital challenges to get involved.

  • Recommendation via employee portal
    Recommendation via employee portal
    A new job is publicised in rexx Recruitment that also appears in the employee and selfservice portal, indicating the achievable award and, from there, may be recommended further on a variety of social networks.
  • Statistics and status of rewards
    Statistics and status of rewards
    Every employee is able to follow the status of their job recommendations exactly in the rexx employee portal. For example: How many jobs were shared and recommended? How many clicks, applications or new recruits were generated as a result? What is the status of rewards?
  • Gamification
    Various functions promote employee ambition to take part in the recommendation programme. That does not only have to be rewards or incentives, but can also be the presentation of the most successful recommender as the “record holder”.
  • Detailed analysis
    Detailed analysis
    Attractive and interactive statistics enable extensive analyses both for employees in the portal and for administrators of the recommendation programme in the rexx backend, e.g. also the analysis of success based on the type of social media channels.
  • Overall performance of recommendation
    Overall performance of recommendation
    The threads run together in the rexx HR backend: What vacancies are most successfully recommended from the click to the application right through to recruitment? The incentive programme is also administered here, e.g. redeeming the rewards achieved.

rexx Online Assessment.

Soft skills such as logical thinking, concentration, retentiveness or communicability are essential factors for success in working life, in addition to hard skills.
Determining soft skills can be quite a bit more challenging than assessing hard skills – very often HR staff simply rely on their feelings.  However, with the self-explanatory tamperproof selection test from rexx Online Assessment, you can automatically and effectively assess social skills. This test can be carried out online at home, in the office or through any other Internet connection.

All test procedures originated from specialised partners from the area of aptitude testing and are scientifically reviewed on a periodic basis. We are happy to provide details on its psychometric quality upon request.

You define an individualised preference profile for the vacant position through the profile generator. The test results are then matched against this profile and compared with a norm group. This provides you with objective information on whether a candidate also meets the job requirements in the area of soft skills. Key competencies in the areas of interactive, operative, intellectual and emotional fields are measured – in addition to values and attitudes towards the professional world.

An example of the test result of an online assessment relating to the skill areas that are critical to success, and the behaviour that promotes or hinders it – including a guideline derived from it with questions and assessment scales for a structured interview:


Assessment report of typical key competencies using the example of a product manager.


A structured interview.

rexx Recruiting can support online assessment by using a ranking system based on the job preference profile of hard skills (school-leaving qualifications, professional experience etc.). The final phase of the employment decision is generally a personal job interview. Under certain conditions, this can be very complicated; for example, if the candidate is applying from outside the country or if there are numerous eligible applicants.

rexx Recruiting delivers an interface for these situations to make it possible for video interviews to be carried out with the candidates.