Vacations management and absence management

The rexx Vacation Manager software supports vacation management for small and medium-sized companies right through to global corporations


rexx Vacation Manager
The software supports planning for vacations, freely definable bookings for absences and accounts, absenteeism, applications and approvals, stand-in guidelines, automatic account and balance calculations as well as transparent documentation on all processes. 




Automatically calculate proportionate share of leave entitlements for those employed for less than a year? Position- and contract-related calculation of leave? Different accounts for different types of vacation and leave? Outstanding lists? The rexx Vacation Manager provides you with the solution!


Transparency for vacation management and absence management
Whether on the PC, online, web-based, or mobile using an iPhone, Blackberry etc., employees and managers can carry out vacation planning, submit a request for vacation or leave, have it approved and get an overview of other team members’ vacations. The self-service tasks performed by the employee and manager lighten the burden of routine tasks.




All data such as vacation entitlement, outstanding vacation, open vacation requests, etc. are available with just a glance in the employee portal. Conflicts with stand-ins are clearly flagged and the absence calendar displays all information clearly.




All processes are controlled and monitored by the rexx workflow engine. The complete history of all vacation and absence bookings as well as absences management is available online for all concerned at all times and from everywhere. This creates acceptance and reduces unnecessary processes.


The rexx search & list engine supports you in generating your individual reports through a highly intuitive interface. Select the data you want displayed with one mouse click and set the filters. In no time at all, you can generate informative analyses of data such as the remaining leave on a specific date, outstanding sick days, hourly account balances, overtime or average and total values. Just one click and all reports can be exported e.g. to Excel.





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