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We don’t just offer jobs, but also career opportunities within a dynamic and supportive community. With us, you can unfold your skills, tap into your potential, and become part of our shared success. We value each of our employees and provide an environment that inspires and nurtures. Explore the exciting possibilities awaiting you at rexx systems. Your career begins  right here!


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Promoting a healthy work-life balance is essential to us. We believe that a balanced relationship between professional commitment and personal leisure contributes to the satisfaction and productivity of our employees. Therefore, we rely on flexible work models and create space for personal development to ensure a conducive and positive work environment.

Flexible working hours

Through our innovative annual working hour account, we provide our employees with the opportunity to flexibly manage their working hours. This model takes individual needs into account and enables the optimal coordination of professional and personal life. Whether it’s family commitments, educational goals, or personal interests – we support you in organizing your time in a way that considers all aspects of life. The annual working hour account is an important part of our strategy to promote a balanced work-life balance and thus increase the satisfaction and motivation of our employees.

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Allotment of remote work days

We value the importance of flexibility in the work routine and thus offer our employees a designated allotment of remote work days. This model allows for a balanced work-life balance and saves valuable commuting time. Through this flexible work arrangement, our employees can effectively fulfill their tasks while also meeting personal needs. With this strategy, we promote not only productivity but also the overall well-being of our teams in a supportive work environment.


Holder of the Hamburg Family Seal

As the holder of the Hamburg Family Seal, we reaffirm our commitment to a family-friendly work environment and a healthy work-life balance. This recognition highlights our efforts to provide adaptive work models that allow for a harmonious integration of professional ambitions and family commitments. It underscores our dedication to recognizing and supporting our employees and the diversity of their individual life paths.

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Financial benefits

For us, it’s not just about the work itself, but also the reward for it. That’s why we offer the option of bonuses, company pension plans, a subsidy for the Germany-wide public transportation ticket, and a subsidy for kindergarten expenses for parents.


As a recognition of the dedication and commitment of our employees, we offer the option of financial bonuses.

Company pension scheme

To support the long-term financial security of our employees, we provide a company pension scheme.

Subsidy for public transportation ("Deutschlandticket")

To promote environmentally friendly mobility, we offer a subsidy for the Germany-wide public transportation ticket.

Kindergarten subsidy for parents

We support the work-family balance and therefore offer a subsidy for kindergarten expenses.

rexx systems

Our office in Hamburg

Our centrally located office in Hamburg provides a pleasant working environment with easy accessibility. Our office spaces offer a nice view of the canal, and in the surrounding area, you’ll find numerous options for your lunch break.

Our office is conveniently located in Hamburg’s City-South, allowing for easy access via public transportation as well as by car.

Allotment of parking spaces

To facilitate the commute, we offer parking spaces in our underground garage.

Bicycle storage facility

For employees who prefer to commute by bicycle, we have set up a secure bicycle storage facility.

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rexx systems

Team spirit and work environment

An inspiring and pleasant work environment is an integral part of our company culture.

Be yourself at rexx systems

At rexx systems, you can be yourself. Enjoy a relaxed work atmosphere with a strong team spirit. As we want everyone to feel comfortable in their work environment, there’s no dress code at rexx systems either.

Be yourself bei rexx


We regularly organize company events where our dedicated team has the opportunity to connect and network outside of the daily work routine. Additionally, there’s always a cheerful atmosphere on the balcony and around the foosball table.

On-site catering

Um das Wohlbefinden unserer Mitarbeiter zu fördern, stellen wir regelmäßig frisches Obst und kostenlosen Kaffee bereit. Zudem bieten wir unseren Mitarbeitenden erfrischendes Wasser von Viva con Agua an, einem sozialen Unternehmen, das mit jedem verkauften Liter Wasser weltweit soziale Projekte unterstützt.