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Talent Management

Motivate your talents.
Promote further development and
performance-based assessment.

rexx systems Talentmanagement Software
rexx systems
Talent Management Software

Motivate your talents.
Promote further development and
performance-based assessment.

rexx systems

Talent management by rexx

Identify, develop and retain talent over the long term.

In addition to recruiting and personnel management, talent management is one of the three basic pillars of human resources and deals with the most important capital of your company: your own employees.

Motivate your staff to improve their performance and productivity in the long term. Give them the freedom and confidence for personal growth. Empower your employees to learn, share new ideas, and lead by example.
This approach not only advances your company, it also increases employee satisfaction.

This is precisely where the talent management system from rexx systems unfolds its strengths and helps you to create the right conditions for success. Track your talent management process and the progress of your HR measures – clearly and comprehensibly at a glance.

Trust in our talent management solutions and set the course for your company for a prosperous future!system

rexx systems

Talent management system

Talent management software for many applications

With the talent management software from rexx systems, you can ensure that talent in the company is promoted in a targeted manner. At the same time, you contribute to the satisfaction and loyalty of your employees through digital talent management. Thanks to its modular structure, rexx talent management software adapts flexibly to the requirements of different companies:

  • Staff talks are a central tool for performance assessment in almost all companies. The rexx employee appraisals function controls and manages all processes associated with it.

  • Goal agreement: rexx Talent Management not only takes care of the documentation, but also enables the individual goal achievement to be checked.

  • Through skill management, target agreements and performance assessments are linked to competency management. If an employee is in danger of missing their goals, the system indicates this with an “alarm function” so that the respective manager can initiate appropriate measures in a timely manner, such as training, coaching, supportive development discussions or goal agreement discussions.

  • The 360-degree feedback makes it possible to assess the performance of an employee or a manager from different perspectives, such as the colleagues, other employees or managers, and to compare it with the self-evaluation.

  • Other modules include learning management, e-learning, career and succession planning, structured onboarding and much more.

Of course, various self-service functions are also available to users of the rexx Talent Management Software.

rexx systems

Talent management with ISO certification and GDPR

Safe in the future!

Quality, security and compliance with the GDPR are important standards for which we have been awarded the ISO 27001 certificate and for which we are regularly audited.

Our data centers in Germany and Switzerland also ensure compliance with European data protection regulations and are also ISO certified.

Trust in our talent management solutions and set your company on the path to a prosperous future!

We look forward to your inquiry.

rexx systems

Talent Management – the weapon in the “war for talents”

However, the effects of demographic change are already noticeable in companies today. In the Recruiting Index 2017 – an annual study by the management consultancy Kienbaum and the Staufenbiel Institute – more than half of the HR managers surveyed stated that they had severe to very severe difficulties filling open positions with suitable applicants.

From their perspective, as well as from the perspective of demographers, this trend will only get worse in the very foreseeable future. At the same time, the requirements for the qualification profiles of existing employees are changing – Germany is in the process of transforming itself into a digitalized knowledge society as part of the digital transformation.

The “war for talent” is already in full swing. Companies that manage to identify the best minds and retain them in the long term ensure their future viability and an advantageous position in global competition. A powerful talent management software helps to optimize the operational and strategic development of employees and to establish a knowledge and talent pool in the company.

rexx systems

Customer testimonials

With the talent management software from rexx systems, you use a powerful digital tool for the targeted retention and promotion of your employees. This is what our customers say about the successful use of our talent management software:
“E-recruiting software from rexx systems allows everyone involved to complete tasks quickly and reduces the manual work enormously, and you always maintain an overview. That was the right step for digital transformation in our HR department.”
Carolin Hanisch-Heindl, Director Recruiting and Employer Branding at CANCOM SE
Recruiting in the software industry is subject to special conditions due to the high degree of specialisation and the highly sought-after talents.
“The challenge lies in the very complex structure of our company. It’s really all about achieving greater efficiency in our human resources work. We used to be simply drowning in paper but we now have everything in rexx, which means that everyone has access to it”
Ms Jans, AMAG HR Development Manager.
rexx systems

What is talent management – a definition

Talent management is a strategic tool. Its core task is to secure and increase the long-term competitiveness of companies.

In many companies, talent management focuses on ensuring that success-critical positions are filled with suitable employees. This opens up long-term career prospects primarily to highly qualified specialists and managers and thus contributes to their loyalty to the company.

However, demographic change and new qualification requirements mean that a growing number of companies are interested in promoting the broad masses of their employees through targeted talent management.

After all, according to the Institute of German Economics in Cologne, there was already a shortage of around 237,000 workers in German companies in April 2016, particularly in the MINT area (mathematics, IT, natural sciences, technology).

Against this background, talent management not only supports sustainable employee retention, but also employee recruitment by promoting employer attractiveness and employer branding.

rexx systems

Modern talent management with the help of software

Modern talent management software digitizes all processes that are relevant for talent search, talent management and targeted employee development and brings them together in talent management instruments.

As a personnel developer, HR manager, PE manager or human resources manager in general, you gain time for concept and strategy work – and of course as well for direct personal (and content-defined) contact with employees.

Modern talent management software takes on numerous administrative functions and ensures transparency and fairness in employee evaluations.

Through interfaces to other electronic systems – for example through the connection to applicant management software and administrative HR software – the systems enable a holistic approach to human resources work, but also an efficient workflow throughout the entire human resources department.

It is important that the digital system you choose is scalable and therefore able to adapt flexibly to changing company requirements.

Frequently asked questions about talent management software

rexx talent management software offers functions such as employee interviews, seminar management, surveys and feedback, goal setting, 360° feedback, skill management, e-learning, succession planning and onboarding.

Talent management helps companies identify, develop and retain the best employees in the long term, increase employee motivation and productivity and increase employee satisfaction.

The specific goals for talent management arise from the company’s structure, its current status and the company’s goals. They can therefore vary greatly in individual companies. Possible core areas of talent management are:

• Development of new strategies for personnel acquisition in the sense of strategic recruiting

• Skill and competence management

• Onboarding, training new employees

• Employee discussions, performance appraisals and target agreements

• Succession planning

• Team building, employee motivation and employee retention

rexx talent management software supports all of these topics so that HR can concentrate entirely on the core topics

Most companies pursue several goals with their talent management, which you can also implement in your company:

To document the positioning as a modern employer brand, as an attractive employer that takes care of high-performing, innovative, committed employees, and thus the consequences of the demographic counteract change and ultimately gain a competitive advantage.

And they want to set up their talent management professionally and be able to manage it “at the push of a button” so that, on the one hand, errors in this sensitive area are eliminated and, on the other hand, there is more time for specialist and managerial tasks in employee management and development.

Regardless of the primary objectives that companies pursue with their talent management, the tasks and processes are fundamentally identical. Effective talent management should:

• Identify talent among your own employees and, above all, among applicants

• Arouse talent’s interest in the company and its career prospects

• Promote talent and retain them in the company in the long term

• Turn managers – and increasingly other employees – into talent scouts.

This not only involves technical aspects, but also always a moment of appreciation. Companies that practice such talent management signal to their employees that they value their personality, their skills and their individual contribution to the company’s goals.

At the same time, they transparently ensure that personal career ambitions do not come to nothing and communicate this back to the employee: a key motivational factor.

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