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Effective online assessment

Find the “right one” for you.

rexx systems
Effective online assessment

Find the “right one” for you.

rexx Online Assessment.

Soft skills such as logical thinking, concentration, retentiveness or communicability are essential factors for success in working life, in addition to hard skills.

Determining soft skills can be quite a bit more challenging than assessing hard skills – very often HR staff simply rely on their feelings. However, with the self-explanatory tamperproof selection test from rexx Online Assessment, you can automatically and effectively assess social skills. This test can be carried out online at home, in the office or through any other Internet connection.

All test procedures originated from specialised partners from the area of aptitude testing and are scientifically reviewed on a periodic basis. We are happy to provide details on its psychometric quality upon request.

You define an individualised preference profile for the vacant position through the profile generator. The test results are then matched against this profile and compared with a norm group. This provides you with objective information on whether a candidate also meets the job requirements in the area of soft skills. Key competencies in the areas of interactive, operative, intellectual and emotional fields are measured – in addition to values and attitudes towards the professional world.

An example of the test result of an online assessment relating to the skill areas that are critical to success, and the behaviour that promotes or hinders it – including a guideline derived from it with questions and assessment scales for a structured interview:


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Evaluation of results

Assessment report of typical key competencies using the example of a product manager.

Knowledge test
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A structured interview.

rexx Recruiting can support online assessment by using a ranking system based on the job preference profile of hard skills (school-leaving qualifications, professional experience etc.). The final phase of the employment decision is generally a personal job interview. Under certain conditions, this can be very complicated; for example, if the candidate is applying from outside the country or if there are numerous eligible applicants.

rexx Recruiting delivers an interface for these situations to make it possible for video interviews to be carried out with the candidates.

“E-recruiting software from rexx systems allows everyone involved to complete tasks quickly and reduces the manual work enormously, and you always maintain an overview. That was the right step for digital transformation in our HR department.”
Carolin Hanisch-Heindl, Director Recruiting and Employer Branding at CANCOM SE
“In addition to the Heidelberg branded job portal, which provides both look and feel of the brand, we also have a powerful applicant management system that makes our recruitment processes easier, and is very convenient for both applicants and in-house users. “
Online recruiting at Heidelberg
Recruiting in the software industry is subject to special conditions due to the high degree of specialisation and the highly sought-after talents.