rexx systems
2 clicks to the job portal

Employee retention even before the application is received

rexx systems
2 clicks to the job portal

Employee retention even before the application is received

rexx Job Portal as an online career page.

An attractively designed career area on your website draws in applicants – however, the way in which the job portal performs “in the background” is the really decisive factor.

With rexx Recruiting, you get clear and easy-to-operate software for your online job site. A career portal that unites all functions: company corporate identity, employer branding, job advertising and content management.

Publish a job offer
Conveniently create job offers using the rexx Job Advertisement Designer on the basis of the templates provided. Publish your job advertisement quickly and easily on your company homepage, on external job sites such as Stepstone or Monster or through social media channels such as Facebook, Xing and LinkedIn. As desired, you can also conveniently forward your job advertisements to your agency or to print media for publication. The job advertisements can also be operated as an independent career page or can be integrated as a widget into your other online platforms, such as your blog, for example.

New Vacancy
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Optimise advertisements

The software supports functions that serve to make your job advertisements more easily found by search machines – the key word here is search engine optimization or SEO. Powerful tools analyse the online behaviour of visitors to your careers site to enable you to gain valuable information to facilitate ongoing optimisation of the job advertisement and the entire job portal.

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Form Designer

For online applications through the rexx Job Portal, the focus is on making it simple for the applicant to use. With rexx Form Designer, you determine which formula fields are necessary for the job profile and which are not, saving time for the candidates during the application process. This strengthens the applicants’ positive impression of the company as they are able to quickly and conveniently submit their application documents.

rexx systems

finest jobs

With its offer of free job advertisements, the job site,, operated by rexx systems, ensures additional coverage for your job advertisement.

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Responsive Design

The standard from rexx Recruitment appears in responsive design. Your online job advertisement is thus automatically displayed in optimised form to fit every screen size – whether it’s a desktop PC, a tablet or a smartphone. The online application form is also designed as responsive.

Recruiting in the software industry is subject to special conditions due to the high degree of specialisation and the highly sought-after talents.
“E-recruiting software from rexx systems allows everyone involved to complete tasks quickly and reduces the manual work enormously, and you always maintain an overview. That was the right step for digital transformation in our HR department.”
Carolin Hanisch-Heindl, Director Recruiting and Employer Branding at CANCOM SE
“In addition to the Heidelberg branded job portal, which provides both look and feel of the brand, we also have a powerful applicant management system that makes our recruitment processes easier, and is very convenient for both applicants and in-house users. “
Online recruiting at Heidelberg