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Employee retention even before the application is received

Create a career page with rexx job exchange software

An attractively designed career page on your website attracts applicants and serves as a showcase for your professional HR work. Despite numerous well-known job exchanges, our own job board is specifically intended for jobseekers who have already decided on you as a future potential employer.

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But for efficient processing, it depends on what the job board software can do “in the background”. With rexx Recruiting you get clear and easy-to-use applicant tracking software for your online job market.

In the foreground is a career page that combines all functions: company corporate identity, employer branding, job advertising or content management.

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Publish job offers with rexx's job board software

For online applications through the rexx Job Portal, the focus is on making it simple for the applicant to use.

With rexx Form Designer, you determine which formula fields are necessary for the job profile and which are not, saving time for the candidates during the application process.

This strengthens the applicants’ positive impression of the company as they can quickly and conveniently submit their application documents.

Create a career page

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Search engine optimized job advertisements with the job exchange software

The software supports functions that serve to make your job advertisements more easily found by search machines – the key word here is search engine optimization (SEO).

Powerful tools analyse the online behaviour of visitors to your careers site to enable you to gain valuable information to facilitate ongoing optimisation of the job advertisement and the entire job portal.

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Post on all portals with one click: Multiposting

Placing job advertisements on different channels is one of the daily, but also tedious and time-consuming tasks of HR managers. The job advertisement must be recreated, designed and published on each portal. rexx application management offers the free multiposting function for this purpose. This means job advertisements can be easily published on multiple portals with just one click. This is a further step towards making all processes related to the rexx Suite even more digital and, above all, more efficient.

All administrative processes relating to the placement and billing of job advertisements can be managed seamlessly.

Publish your job advertisements quick and easy on our career page which is integrated on your company homepage and on external job boards such asStepstone or Monster and on social media channels such as Facebook, Xing or LinkedIn.

Job board software

With its offer of free job advertisements, the job site,, operated by rexx systems, ensures additional coverage for your job advertisement.

If necessary, you can also conveniently forward your job advertisements to your agency or to print media for publication. The job advertisements can also be operated as a separate career page or as a widget
be integrated into your other online platforms, such as your blog.

Job Board Software

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“The challenge lies in the very complex structure of our company. It’s really all about achieving greater efficiency in our human resources work. We used to be simply drowning in paper but we now have everything in rexx, which means that everyone has access to it”
Ms Jans, AMAG HR Development Manager.
“E-recruiting software from rexx systems allows everyone involved to complete tasks quickly and reduces the manual work enormously, and you always maintain an overview. That was the right step for digital transformation in our HR department.”
Carolin Hanisch-Heindl, Director Recruiting and Employer Branding at CANCOM SE
Recruiting in the software industry is subject to special conditions due to the high degree of specialisation and the highly sought-after talents.
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