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Personnel Management Software
Personalmanagement Software
rexx systems
Personnel Management Software
rexx systems

Personnel management software for medium-sized businesses and corporations

By this we mean the classic tasks of a personnel department, in particular recruitment, planning and controlling, personnel administration, employee support, organisation and reporting to management. The rexx HR software improves data quality through intelligent functions and accelerates processes with electronic workflows and automatic reminders.

For tasks such as recruiting, payroll accounting, personnel development or time management, the rexx suite offers its own specialised modules, which optionally supplement the basic package to form a comprehensive HR software. The heart of our system is the digital personnel file. It enables quick access to the individual data and documents of each employee. Using the integrated field configuration, you can easily adapt forms, data and evaluations to the individual needs of your company.

Personnel Management: Modules
Personnel Management: The Modules

Personnel Management Software

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rexx systems

Goals of personnel management

The overarching goal of human resource management is to maintain and strengthen employee satisfaction. Motivated employees with a strong bond to the company are a direct competitive factor. As an effect of demographic change and changes in the labour and applicant market, the importance of personnel management in companies will continue to grow in the future.

In detail, the goals of human resource management can be subdivided into different areas. These are:

  • Economic goals
    Optimisation of the company’s people-related performance and personnel costs.
  • Objectives
    Task-oriented staffing, strategic human resources planning, talent management, knowledge and competence management.
  • Social goals
    Employee motivation, employee retention, a positive working atmosphere and job satisfaction.
  • Business goals
    Meeting budget targets and KPIs defined by HR controlling, labour law issues.

Modern human resources software helps to achieve these goals. It ensures transparency, acts as an important control element for processes and contributes to efficient personnel work thanks to integrated workflows. It is important that the software solution is scalable in order to react flexibly to new company requirements and developments on the labour market – like the rexx Suite.

rexx systems

Personnel management: The tasks

Various functions and areas of responsibility of human resource management are derived from these goals:

  • Process-related tasks include personnel planning, recruitment, deployment planning and personnel controlling.

  • Assignment-related tasks refer to personnel administration, remuneration management, performance appraisals, personnel development and personnel support.

  • Structure-related tasks are, for example, personnel organisation, but also employee-related internal corporate communication.

  • Employee-related tasks include personnel management in the departments as well as the company’s general personnel policy.
rexx systems

Time zones in the rexx Suite

The Time Zones module in the rexx Suite facilitates personnel management in companies with different locations worldwide. With this feature, you simplify the international cooperation of staff so that the time difference is no longer a challenge when coordinating appointments.

Whether staff meetings, news, events and much more – the times are always displayed in the corresponding own time zone. Misunderstandings and errors in communication are thus prevented.


rexx systems

Which companies should use Personnel Management Software?

The use of software to support HR work has long been considered the domain of larger companies. The digitalisation of personnel management has played a relevant role in these companies for a long time.

At that time, it was mainly administrative processes such as payroll and travel expense accounting as well as time recording that were digitised and automated. In the meantime, the trend towards digitalisation of personnel processes has also arrived in companies with regard to application management, talent management and personnel development in general.

Adapted modular HR software solutions today also enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to use them in a way that is tailored to their needs. In addition to economical pricing models – especially based on cloud computing and software as a service – both larger and smaller SMEs thus also benefit today from significant productivity gains through the use of HR software.