rexx systems
Employees recommend employees

There is no better way to fill vacancies. Cost-efficient recruitment, peer grouping and employer branding!

rexx systems
Employees recommend employees

There is no better way to fill vacancies. Cost-efficient recruitment, peer grouping and employer branding!

rexx recommendation management

Transform your employees into brand ambassadors and recruiters. Because your people know what is right for your company and who can do what. SIGNIFICANTLY increase the success of your employee recommendations!

Recommendation management with the rexx Suite

rexx recommendation management is part of the rexx Suite and connects job postings from rexx Recruitment with personnel management in rexx HR.


Success with recommendation management

rexx Suite enables you to publish new vacancies in the selfservice employee portal. People are digitally online here every day anyway, e.g. when they use rexx employee and manager selfservices. Attractive presentation of the job post and a reward system increases employee participation to share and recommend vacancies on social media and personal media enormously.


Your employees’ networks are a pool

No more than 5% of jobs are filled as a result of recommendations in classic recommendation programmes not supported by software. With the rexx recommendation management, new jobs appear immediately in the Stream / ESN of the rexx staff portal - and everyone sees it! Therefore, the proportion of jobs filled because of staff recommendations is multiplied.


Reduce costs and inspire dormant applicants

By encouraging your people to share and recommend vacancies, you are extending the reach of your jobs enormously at virtually no cost! Distribution in social networks and viral effects make potential candidates, who are not even actively looking for a job but whose interest is awakened by the personal recommendation, aware of your vacancies.



Reward your employees’ activities through incentives to increase motivation. The integrated account system of rexx recommendation management will support you. Additionally, the activities do not always have to attract actual rewards. You awaken the enthusiasm of your people to take part through so-called gamification elements (e.g. public ranking list of the top scorers) and digital challenges to get involved.


Employer Branding

You strengthen your brand, and particularly your brand as an employer, each time your vacancies are distributed. Because if employees publicise jobs in their company, they are confident in their employer; that is completely credible for candidates who know the person making the recommendation personally through social networks.

“E-recruiting software from rexx systems allows everyone involved to complete tasks quickly and reduces the manual work enormously, and you always maintain an overview. That was the right step for digital transformation in our HR department.”
Carolin Hanisch-Heindl, Director Recruiting and Employer Branding at CANCOM SE
Recruiting in the software industry is subject to special conditions due to the high degree of specialisation and the highly sought-after talents.
“In addition to the Heidelberg branded job portal, which provides both look and feel of the brand, we also have a powerful applicant management system that makes our recruitment processes easier, and is very convenient for both applicants and in-house users. “
Online recruiting at Heidelberg