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rexx systems
Task management software
rexx systems
Task management software
rexx systems

Task management software with many functions

The topic of agility in the HR context has already arrived in many companies. Keywords like “Kanban Board”, “Sprints” or tools like “Jira” and “Trello” are well known in the agile world.

Under the motto “HR goes agile”, the topic of “task management” is given significantly greater importance in the software from rexx systems, with many more functionalities.

Increase your productivity and optimize your everyday work with our state-of-the-art HR software, which not only supports you with digital personnel management, but also with managing your individual tasks.

Our intuitive My Tasks module gives you full control over your tasks, subtasking them, adding checklists, attaching files, and more. Discover the benefits of advanced task management and the ability to share tasks across teams.

rexx systems

Task management tool to optimize workflow

Aufgabe im DetailBy managing your tasks in our software, you can optimize your workflow.

Prioritize tasks based on urgency and set clear deadlines. With the integrated deadline, you always keep track of upcoming tasks and appointments.

You can also add references to various occasions or store keywords, so-called tags.

rexx systems

convenient administration through task management

With rexx HR you always keep track of your tasks. Create tasks and assign them to individual projects or employees. Thanks to a clear user interface, you can always keep an eye on the status, priority and progress. Don’t miss any more deadlines and avoid duplicate work with clear task structures:

And best of all: This module is included as standard in our GDPR-compliant HR software. There is no need to use paid tools to manage tasks; you get a tool within a tool.

rexx systems

Task management software for effective team collaboration

Our “My Tasks” module promotes collaboration and allows you to share tasks within a team. Assign tasks to other team members and track progress in real time. Thanks to the transparent assignment of tasks, everyone involved stays on the same page and can work together effectively. Through comment functions and notifications, all team members stay informed and can react quickly.

Aufgabenmanagement im Team
rexx systems

Conclusion on task management software

Checkliste - Tasks

Our HR software offers you efficient task management to simplify your everyday work. Through clear structures, the opportunity for teamwork and the optimization of the workflow, you increase productivity and achieve your goals more effectively.

Take advantage of our advanced features and benefit from an intuitive platform that gives you full control over your tasks – and it’s free because “My Tasks” is already integrated into the application. 

True to our motto: rexx systems – Get more!

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