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rexx systems
HR software

rexx systems supports all HR processes and helps you to further expand your competitive advantage.

rexx-systems HR Software
rexx systems
Human resource management software

rexx systems supports all HR processes and helps you to further expand your competitive advantage.

rexx systems

HR software that inspires!

Human Resource Management (HRM) is one of the strategic management areas of a company and optimizes human resources processes through digitalization.

The rexx Suite covers the three major topics:

The respective topics are further subdivided and are provided as individual modules in rexx HR systems.

For example, companies can start with recruiting and follow other topics such as personnel management later.

Software from rexx enables efficient workflows not only in the human resources department, but in the entire operational environment:

The modular structure and flexible configuration make it possible.

Find out why rexx offers more and exactly the right thing!

rexx systems

HR system made by rexx

The rexx Suite supports the digitalization of all company processes through integrated components such as the workflow engine, automatic reminders or the sophisticated template system.

Social functions such as the communication platform ESN, which provides elements similar to Facebook or LinkedIn. Blogs, media libraries or lunch roulette contribute to the feel-good atmosphere and knowledge management of your human resources.

rexx systems

HR software with payroll accounting

Payroll accounting is an area of responsibility that is carried out by specialized providers. One of the few areas that is not implemented directly by the rexx Suite.

To achieve this, we have created sophisticated interfaces to all common accounting systems and offer a smooth preparatory payroll process. The rexx API for the two large billing companies DATEV and ADP / Paisy are among the leading integrations on the market.

With DATEV, we have been connected to close cooperation for years. The data from the payroll is imported into the rexx benefits module and prepared clearly. Alternatively, you can also maintain changes to remuneration data manually.

rexx systems

What is HR Software?

By “Human Resources” – “HR” for short – we mean the people who are employed in the company and contribute their mental and physical abilities in the interests of the company.

The best way to translate this literally is “human resources”. In a more general sense, HR actually corresponds to the term “workforce”.

Human resources management (HRM) describes the procurement, administration, control and development of a company’s employees.

Technically correct, you should actually use the term HRM software for the rexx Suite, but HR software has established itself as a common classification on the market.

rexx systems

HR system software: Basic functions

Integrated personnel management

The rexx Suite takes on routine tasks that tie up considerable time resources in human resources departments. It organizes, controls and manages human resources processes in the areas of personnel planning, recruitment, talent management/personnel development, personnel support, administration and reporting.

Digital personnel file

The digital personnel file enables quick access to the individual data of each employee. It is the heart of the rexx HR software and is equipped with numerous special functions.

The rexx workflow engine ensures efficient data, deadline and appointment management.

Various statistics – for example on sick leave, working time distribution or further training measures – can be created quickly and easily using the rexx HR data warehouse.

Certificates and other personnel documents are generated directly in the system and stored in the digital personnel file. The rexx Human Resources API ensures smooth data exchange with other digital systems in the company.

Position chart

The position chart module of the rexx HR software organizes and documents your entire personnel and job planning.

It represents comprehensive documentation of your company’s staffing situation and the necessary new hires. By connecting the position plan with rexx skill management, positions are assigned to one or more skill schemes.The position plan is therefore an important interface between personnel planning and competence management in your company.

The rexx organizational management is another function within the position plan. It enables the company’s entire job and organizational structure to be displayed in an intuitive interface – including all detailed information about the requirements and the current holders of certain positions, as well as the advertisement for vacant positions via the rexx Recruiting module.

Time tracking

rexx time management enables effective mapping and organization of all processes relating to time tracking, absence management and working time management. The module contains interfaces for in-house time recording; existing time recording systems can be easily integrated. Access to the time recording and time management system is also possible at external locations – for example, in the home office.


The rexx HR software has interfaces to all common payroll systems and can record all salary types – including bonuses or daily rates. The search & list engine enables meaningful reporting. Of course, the system is also linked to the digital personnel file. Payslips can be created in PDF format and accessed via the employee portal on an individual basis.

Employee Self Service

An employee portal with employee self service functions makes a significant contribution to efficient personnel management through digital workflows. The rexx HR software supports a wide range of application areas, including both administrative functions and the company’s knowledge and skills management. The system also promotes transparency within the company.

rexx systems

Human resource management software: market and application examples

Current software solutions for HR management offer a wide range of functions to make HR processes more efficient. Administrative functions and personnel controlling are included here, as are performance assessments, recruiting or personnel development.

The market for HR software is currently developing very dynamically. On the one hand, digitalization has become widespread in companies. At the same time, new trends in human resources work are developing.

For example, recruiting has increasingly moved online in recent years. Important channels for this today are not only the large online job boards and company career websites, but also the social media area.

Demographic change and the already relevant shortage of specialists and managers present companies with new challenges regarding their talent and applicant management, as well as the motivation and long-term retention of their employees.

This results in a growing need for digitalization in the human resources sector and thus new, more complex requirements for HR software.

HR software

With the HR software from rexx systems, companies ensure efficient and integrated digital workflows in their HR work.

The rexx Suite covers all processes that are relevant to human resources management. Define processes completely freely with the rexx workflow engine. Automatic reminders of the individual process steps are also possible.

The modular structure of the rexx software solutions ensures that the systems can be adapted to the needs of different companies, while at the same time providing comprehensive scalability.

The rexx Suite includes applicant management software, talent management software and HR software that focuses on administrative functions.

Of course, the transitions between these offering areas are fluid and the data transfers run smoothly. The rexx HR software is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) from the rexx cloud or as a server-based solution.

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