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rexx systems
Training Management

Plan, control & monitor education and learning progress

Training Management Software
rexx systems
Training Management

Plan, control & monitor education and learning progress

rexx Training Management​

Use intelligent software to plan and manage the training of your apprentices as well as learning paths for dual students and trainees or internal talent programmes. Our digital tools guarantee smooth processes and convenient handling for trainers and trainees. Also available as an app!

The digital training management from rexx is offered as a stand-alone solution, but can also be combined very well with other modules of the rexx software. Templates are available for over 500 training occupations and additional training programmes in Germany. The database for trainee management is constantly being expanded and updated.

A quick overview:

  • Use via browser / desktop and additionally via app for smartphone & tablet
  • Automatic transfer of learning objectives with individual customisation options
  • Digital learning path planning
  • Visualisation of learning objectives and learning progress
  • Assessment functions
  • Digital report booklet with text modules
  • Electronic signature – also for parents
  • Integrated chat for trainees, students and trainers
  • Grade and certificate management
  • Communication with vocational school, university, parents, teachers, etc.
  • Optional video support / media centre
  • Optional e-learning for company learning content
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Honoured: The software comparison and evaluation portal trusted recommends rexx systems training management as the best personnel management for trainees with a score of 1.3 (very good).

rexx systems

Where can you learn what? Planning!

The organisational chart stores which organisational unit imparts which skills or learning objectives for the respective training and to what extent.

Using the tried-and-tested matching algorithm, the system aligns trainees’ learning objectives with the learning stations/learning capacities in the departments. This means that trainers receive extensive automated planning suggestions for their trainees with the required level of detail.

Overview: Learning stations

rexx systems

Learning progress

Trainees’ learning progress and learning content is automatically determined over the period of time spent working at the learning station, taking absences into account for example. The learning progress for each learning objective or learning objective group can be manually adjusted at any time.

Learning progress

rexx systems

Online report books

Report books – with a reminder function for everyone involved – can easily be filled out online and digitally from anywhere. They can be easily stored online and can therefore be viewed at any time by trainees and trainers. Writing and managing report books has never been so easy.

Online reporting book

FAQ - rexx training management software

Training management from rexx systems offers the planning, control and monitoring of training and learning progress with intelligent digital tools. It is available both as a stand-alone solution and can be combined with other rexx software modules.

Our training management software is suitable for training companies, dual study programmes, trainees and internal talent programmes.

rexx systems training management software can be used via browser/desktop and as an app for smartphones and tablets. It features automatic transfer of learning objectives with individual customisation options, digital learning path planning, visualisation of learning objectives and progress, assessment functions, a digital report booklet with text modules, electronic signature – also for parents -, integrated chat for trainees, students and trainers, grade and certificate management, communication with vocational school, university, parents, teachers, etc., optional video support/media library and optional e-learning for company learning content.

Our training management system offers templates for over 500 training occupations and additional training programmes in Germany, which are constantly being expanded and updated.

The training management software offers numerous advantages such as increased efficiency, time savings, better training experience, centralised information, improved communication, e-learning platform, automation and easy-to-understand operation.

Thanks to the automation of administrative processes and the bundling of all information in one place, you need to invest less time in administration, which leads to an increase in efficiency.

Our software enables both trainers and trainees to view the training plan and have many aspects of the documentation automatically taken over by the software.

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