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rexx systems
succession planning

Find the best talent for key positions that need to be filled.

Software für Karriereplanung Nachfolgeplanung Laufbahnplanung
rexx systems
On-target succession planning

Find the best talent for key positions that need to be filled.

succession planning made by rexx

Positions in the company do not remain occupied by one person forever and companies are faced with the challenge of filling positions promptly and effectively.

Targeted succession planning prevents key positions in particular from remaining unfilled and is essential for the long-term success of the company.

With the rexx succession planning software, you can always keep an eye on the talent you are considering and efficiently fill key positions.


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rexx systems

Succession planning with ISO certification and GDPR compliant

Quality, security and compliance with the GDPR are important standards for which we have been awarded the ISO 27001 certificate and for which we are regularly audited.

Our data centers in Germany and Switzerland also ensure compliance with European data protection regulations in accordance with the EU GDPR.
Trust in our success management solutions and set your company’s course for the future!

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rexx systems

Succession planning with analysis

With rexx succession planning, you can use an intuitive interface to identify key positions – i.e. positions that are of great importance to the organization and for which rapid replacement from within your own ranks may need to be ensured.

The software analyzes indications of increased exit risks, such as the end of the occupation due to resignation or retirement or incorrect appointments. With this information, you can intervene in the career planning of suitable talents in a timely manner and prepare them for the vacant position.

succession planning

In combination with the extensive tools of rexx talent management such as target agreement, employee interviews or skill management, you can find these employees automatically and therefore much more efficiently.

rexx systems

Performance potential matrix for succession planning

In addition to these classic methods, rexx Talent Management offers the optional use of the so-called “performance potential matrix”. This is an effective and easy-to-use-instrument to allow managers to categorize talent in quadrants of the matrix, adjust them in any way and integrate them into the process.

succession planning potential matrix

rexx systems

Talent pools for succession management

By specifically and formally showing possible career paths and careers, you increase employee retention of your talents.

In rexx succession planning, you can flexibly create talent pools for the different career stages of a talent and support them in their career planning.

succession management

You yourself determine the individual employee development measures that a potential talent must undergo for the respective successor or career stage: training measures, special interviews or assessments, project tasks, development of required skills or the achievement of certain goals.

rexx systems

Succession planning with workflow engine

Define processes related to succession planning completely freely with rexx workflow engine.

Determine when a talent reaches a certain status or which people and committees are involved in succession planning, in which process step and in what way. Automatic reminders of the individual process steps are also possible.

success management

rexx systems

Organization chart for succession and career management

Succession and career planning is wholly integrated with rexx organization chart management. You don’t just receive lists, but intuitive organization charts, which can be opened to show current, future or previous planning statuses.

The so-called “domino simulation” quickly calculates how the organization chart, based on succession planning, changes when a particular person is left out. The results of the analysis are presented clearly in a chart.

career management

“The challenge lies in the very complex structure of our company. It’s really all about achieving greater efficiency in our human resources work. We used to be simply drowning in paper but we now have everything in rexx, which means that everyone has access to it”
Ms Jans, AMAG HR Development Manager.
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