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Workflow-controlled onboarding

Short onboarding times, high employee satisfaction.

rexx systems
Workflow-controlled onboarding

Short onboarding times, high employee satisfaction.

rexx Onboarding.

When companies take an employee “on board” in a planned and structured way, they shorten the induction time and increase satisfaction.

A regular structured dialogue with the new employee is also part of professional onboarding. Our software offers the option of storing formalized forms for special onboarding employee interviews and defining timelines for conducting the interviews.

rexx Talent Management automatically reminds the supervisor and the employee of defined feedback discussions and monitors the documentation of the results. Due to the convenient evaluation options, a negative development quickly becomes clear – countermeasures can be taken.



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rexx systems

Onboarding process

rexx Onboarding supports the induction process with a wide range of functions. It starts with the allocation of equipment to the new employee – for example, office furniture, technology and IT or benefits. Use our software to define a set workflow, which specifies who supplies which components of the equipment. The system monitors the specified timelines and reminds the person responsible for the respective tasks.

Provision of information
rexx systems

Provision of information

The software also makes it possible to provide central information. Many things are self-explanatory for a well-rehearsed team but may not be understood by a new employee. The automatic reminders ensure that information is made available without any gaps, and makes sure the onboarding process runs without a hitch.

ESN stream
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Emotional aspects​

In addition to the functional aspects, rexx Onboarding also plays an important role with regards to emotional aspects. rexx HR provides support for this with the social media functions in its Enterprise Social Network. New employees can gain insight into communication within the company and between colleagues as well as on professional subjects before joining the company and can take part in exchanges with the new colleagues.

A regular structured dialogue with a new employee is also a component of professional onboading processes. Our software offers the opportunity of storing formalised forms for special onboarding employee discussions and for defining timelines for holding the meetings.

rexx Talent Management reminds managers and employees of set feedback meetings and monitors the documentation of the results. The easy-to-use evaluation options make it easy to spot any negative developments – allowing countermeasures to be put in place.

rexx systems Onboarding-Teamquiz
rexx systems

Playful elements​

Playful elements – the so-called “gamification” – support the emotionally positive and early involvement of new people. For example, via the team quiz, in which you have to assign the names of colleagues based on the photos in order to then find out more about them in their profile.

rexx systems

Mobile first

The onboarding functions are available to the new employees directly in the self-service portal of the corporate social network. New people can comfortably participate in digital company communication and knowledge exchange from home or on the go, or get to know the team in a playful way. Or they use the self-service functions to supplement their master data or skills and to submit applications for introductory events, for example.

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