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rexx systems

A strong network for strong solutions

rexx systems
A strong network for strong solutions

rexx systems Partner

We have been working together with partners for years to achieve added value for our customers. For these topics, we cooperate with specialist providers whose solutions we have seamlessly integrated into our software via elegant interfaces:

Salary accounting, payroll accounting

Online assessments, aptitude tests, diagnostic procedures, video interviews

Resource planning, shift planning

Terminals for time recording

Numerous other niche solutions

Individual interfaces

Gehaltsabrechnung, Entgeltabrechnung, Verrechnung

In addition, we maintain sales partnerships and also partnerships with consulting companies, which support implementation projects of the rexx software at customers.

We offer interesting partnership models for companies who want to sell, introduce and support our software in countries outside our active sales area (D, A, CH, SE, NOR, DK, HU, CZE, SVN, SVK).

Within Germany, we are still looking for such a sales and consulting partner for the eastern states.

Interested in a partnership?