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CV Parsing
CV Parsing
rexx systems
CV Parsing
rexx systems

CV parsing – what is it?

CV Parser is powerful software that helps companies make the application process more efficient.

The software analyzes the incoming application documents and converts them directly into structured information.

The special term “CV Parser” is formed from “CV” for “Curriculum vitae” (Latin for CV) and “Parser” for disassembling and analyzing the document.

CV parsing, also known as resume parsing, refers to the automated process of extracting, capturing and processing information from CVs or application documents.

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How does CV parsing work?

A CV parser automates this process by using special algorithms and machine learning techniques. The parser analyzes the incoming resume, breaks it down into structured data and automatically extracts relevant information.

Attention is paid to various characteristics and formatting to interpret the data correctly. The CV Parser can capture information such as the applicant’s full name, contact details, work experience, education, skills, certificates and much more.

An essential methodology is the so-called semantic analysis, with which the contents of a document are intelligently recognized. There are different areas of application for semantic analysis. In the recruiting environment, software-supported analysis of CVs is particularly important.

A CV parser is capable of processing various file formats, including PDF, Word documents, HTML or text files. It is flexible and adapts to different layouts and templates in order to correctly recognize and structure the information. Modern CV parsers also use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to better understand the context and meaning of text content.

CV Parsing

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Read CV with parsing - simplified example:

Name and address should be recognized in the CV. The parser has a set of rules that state that the address is typically placed at the top or bottom of a CV.

The parser now searches for a valid first name in these document areas using a first name database. This means that the gender or title of most first names is also recognized at the same time. If the first name is found, the parser assumes that the last name is behind or before it.

The CV parser analyzes the document step by step and recognizes text content as well as images according to the stored rules.

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Why resume parsing – what are the advantages?

The advantages of resume parsing are obvious.

First, it saves time by eliminating the manual effort of data extraction. Hiring managers can focus on evaluating candidates instead of wasting valuable time on repetitive tasks.

Secondly, a CV parser reduces human errors and biases as it objectively extracts the information and does not make subjective decisions. This leads to a fair and consistent evaluation of applicants.

CV Parsing in rexx recruitment

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Benefits for companies

In addition, the use of a CV parser improves the efficiency and productivity of the application process overall. Automatic data processing allows companies to go through a larger number of applications more quickly and identify relevant candidates more effectively. This enables faster and better selection of suitable applicants.

The following screenshots first show the job advertisement – on the following screen, the applicant has the opportunity to upload a CV. This is analyzed in the background using the CV parser and assigned to the corresponding data fields in the application management system.

CV Parsing bei Bewerbungen

CV Upload für anschl. Parsing

rexx systems

CV parsing software made by rexx systems

A CV parser is already included in our applicant management software. The CV parser can be used in the job portal on the homepage. Here, those interested online can upload their application documents so that no more forms have to be filled out. This is convenient for the applicant because they already have their application documents available electronically (Word, PDF, etc.).

Since this lowers the barrier, it increases the likelihood that a job portal visitor will actually submit an application.

The CV parser is also a useful addition to the applicant management software for incoming E-Mail applications. The applicant’s email and attachments are sent to rexx Recruitment, where the upstream CV parser extracts the relevant fields such as name, address, photo, etc.

Finally, there are also paper applications, which can first be scanned and then processed by the CV parser.

No matter how the application ends up in the system, a CV parser ensures that manual data entry is largely eliminated for both applicants and recruiters.

Your advantages:

  • Improving the candidate experience
  • Digital data capture
  • More applications
  • Support various file formats
  • Transfer of data to rexx applicant management
  • Development in Germany

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Why do you need structured information from the application documents?

On the one hand, to display the data in the applicant management software clearly and identically for all candidates, keyword “digital applicant folder”. On the other hand, of course, also for electronic mass processing, e.g. sending a personalized confirmation of receipt, where you need the name and gender for the salutation.

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What options does rexx Enterprise Recruitment offer?

The rexx software has a so-called rexx built-in parser – a free, integrated tool for CV parsing. The built-in parser recognizes the following data with a high degree of security: first name, last name, gender, title, date of birth, address, photo (via facial recognition), E-Mail, telephone & mobile numbers. The following file formats are supported: pdf, doc, docx, txt, rtf, png, jpg, gif.

A so-called OCR routine (text recognition in images) ensures that text can be recognized and extracted even from documents in graphic file formats such as png or jpg, e.g. B. with scans or cell phone photos of employer certificates and other documents. This works pretty well – even if the quality of the documents is not optimal. All European languages are analyzed because the rexx built-in parser works with so-called pattern recognition.

This is independent of the actual language of the document. If the data you are looking for corresponds to Western patterns in the document structure and address structure, the first name is found in the extensive rexx name database and other criteria are met, the data can be extracted.

CV Parsing in rexx recruitment

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Conclusion on resume parsing

In summary, CV parsing is a powerful technology that helps companies optimize the application process. By automating data collection and processing, a CV parser saves time, reduces errors and improves efficiency when selecting applicants.

It is a valuable tool for HR departments and recruiters to accelerate the selection process and effectively identify qualified candidates.

Have we piqued your interest? If you need additional information about CV parsing, please feel free to contact us.

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