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From Hamburg to the world – rexx systems software worldwide

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rexx systems news
From Hamburg to the world – rexx systems software worldwide

Hamburg – the gateway to the world. This slogan is not only well known in Hamburg. So it is hardly surprising that we at rexx systems live by a similar motto: “HR software from Hamburg for the world”.

Four European branches

From its Hamburg headquarters, the company has been pushing its international expansion for several years. The company has already been represented with its own locations in Austria and Switzerland for many years. In 2020, another member joined the rexx family with rexx nordic AB, the new branch in Sweden. Thanks to its strong local presence in important European markets, rexx can meet customers and interested parties there with spatial and linguistic proximity.

Users all over the world

However, the software is actually also used beyond the European borders. The many internationally positioned customers have usually also introduced the system in their worldwide branches, so that the rexx software is now used on all five continents.

The large number of supported languages makes the software ready for use in every corner of the world. The list currently includes 29 countries (as of March 2021):

USA                                                Turkey                                                 UK/England

France                                            Ireland                                                Italy

Australia                                       Portugal                                              Romania

Netherlands                                 Belgium                                               Bulgaria

Brazil                                             Denmark                                              India

China                                             Norway                                                 Puerto Rico

Russia                                           Sweden                                                  Spain

Hungary                                       Qatar                                                    Poland

Argentina                                     UAE                                                      Singapore

Colombia                                     Malaysia

Nevertheless, there are still some white spots on the world map that need to be filled. This is one of the reasons why rexx systems continues to focus on international expansion and is working intensively to send the software “Made in Hamburg” on a journey around the world.

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