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rexx systems
Sanctions screening
Sanktionslisten Überprüfung
rexx systems
Sanctions screening
rexx systems

Sanctions screening with rexx systems

The rexx recruiting software is a powerful solution that supports companies in carrying out sanctions checks. The software offers a user-friendly interface and enables easy integration into the recruiting process.

With rexx Recruiting, companies can quickly and reliably compare applicants’ data with current sanctions lists. The software checks various national and international sanctions lists to ensure that there are no matches. Everything is clearly combined in a central interface and can be booked and controlled easily and directly at the best price.

In the event of a hit in the sanctions list, the rexx recruiting software also offers the opportunity to check further details and validate the result before a final decision is made. This minimizes false hits and allows companies to make informed and legally sound decisions.

By using our software, companies not only gain efficiency and accuracy in sanction list screening, but they can also ensure that their applicant selection meets legal requirements and compliance guidelines.

rexx systems

Sanctions screening of applicants

When implementing the sanctions screening in the application process, it is important to take data protection and legal regulations into account. Review should only take place once a candidate has been shortlisted or has received a provisional acceptance.

To carry out the sanctions list check efficiently, companies can use specialized software solutions such as the rexx recruiting software. This tool enables an automated check of applicant data against current sanctions lists, which speeds up the process and minimizes the error rate.

By automatically checking using public sanctions lists, the rexx recruiting software ensures that no applicants who are suspicious people are contacted.

The warnings from the rexx software are primarily based on the HADDEX sanctions lists from Reguvis Fachmedien GmbH. They are supplemented by the lists recommended by the U.S. Department of Commerce and by the Japanese METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) list.

The entries are continuously updated and carefully prepared. They can include multiple names (aliases) and addresses so that the greatest possible number of search options is used during the check.

After each data update of the sanctions list by the Federal Gazette, the entire existing applicant pool in rexx Recruitment is checked again for suspected terrorism, terrorist financing or money laundering.

New applications are checked independently by rexx Recruiting immediately after they are received online or manually.

Every application for which there is a hit in the sanctions list is highlighted with a color note. In addition, an active notification is sent to the processing department.

Beispiel Sanktionsliste

If an applicant receives an automatic warning, you have the opportunity to view the complete information on the sanctions list.

Companies that manage their recruiting with rexx systems can implement legal requirements without bureaucratic effort and protect themselves from criminal consequences, fines and unwanted applicants.

rexx systems

Sanctions screening – what is it anyway?

Sanctions screening is an important process that companies and organizations carry out to minimize business risks and ensure legal compliance.

A sanction’s list is an official listing of individuals, companies or organizations that have been sanctioned by governments or international organizations, often for violations of international laws or policies. These sanctions may include trade restrictions, asset seizures, or other measures to limit financial transactions.

The sanctions screening aims to ensure that no business or transactions are carried out with sanctioned entities. Companies regularly check their business partners, customers and suppliers as well as applicants to ensure that they are not on a sanctions list.

rexx systems

Sanctions screening: Legal basis

RechtlichesThe sanctions list check is based on various legal bases that are set at both national and international levels. National laws and regulations may vary from country to country, but they generally require companies to carry out regular sanctions list checks to ensure that no business relationships or transactions take place with sanctioned individuals or entities. These regulations serve to protect national security and compliance with international agreements.

rexx systems

Conclusion: The importance of sanctions screening for companies and applicants

Sanctions screening is an essential component for companies and organizations to minimize business risks, comply with legal regulations and promote international security.

Sanctions list screening not only serves to protect against financial losses and reputational damage, but also plays a crucial role in preventing business with sanctioned individuals or organizations that are linked to terrorism, human rights violations or other serious crimes.

Companies should view sanctions screenings as an essential compliance measure to protect themselves from the consequences of violations of national and international sanctions regulations.

The integration of specialized software solutions such as the rexx Suite into the application process enables efficient and reliable verification of applicant data, minimizing potential risks and making informed decisions.

In the event of a hit on the sanctions list, a quick and appropriate response is crucial. By validating the hit, reporting it to the relevant authorities and terminating the business relationship with the sanctioned party, companies can meet their responsibilities and prevent further violations.

Sanctions list screening should be considered an integral part of a company’s compliance strategy to promote ethical business practices, increase customer and business partner trust, and maintain company integrity. By living up to their responsibilities and making legally sound decisions, companies can make a positive contribution to international security and stability.

HinweisNote: The information in this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Companies should contact appropriate professionals and legal advisors if they have legal questions regarding the review of sanctions lists in human resources.

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