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Apply with Xing Button

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Apply with Xing Button
The DACH (German, Austrian and Swiss) market leader rexx Enterprise Recruitment now supports simple online applications via the “Apply with Xing” button. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland Xing is with almost 6 million users the leading social business network. Millions of users have created extensive profiles on Xing, detailing information such as contact details, photos and career history. Exactly the sort of data sought by companies seeking potential new candidates. How does “Apply with Xing” work exactly?
  • For customers of rexx recruitment really easily! The application button is automatically placed on the rexx online job listing of the customer website or the rexx job portal.
  • Should a potential candidate show interest in the online position, they are able to click on the “Apply with Xing” button. Following a security question the data from the candidate’s Xing profile will then be shared and transferred  into the rexx application form, which can then be edited.
  • Typically, the contact information such as name and address, as well as the career level of the respective Xing- applicant automatically generate a PDF-CV.
  • The entire process takes mere seconds, enabling the candidate to send a full application with minimal effort. This extremely simple and convenient method of online application, assisted by the large volume of Xing users,  significantly improves conversion levels. This also leads to an increased number of online visitors to the rexx career platform on the customer’s website, as well as actual applicants.
Requirements With the latest version of rexx recruitment 7 and with the assistance of a rexx specialist, this function can be implemented for the customer with minimal effort. In order to be able to use this function the customer does not even require a Xing account. This function is also available on request and can be installed by rexx systems for customers who may be using the older software releases (version 6 and higher).

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