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Apply with Linkedin Button

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Apply with Linkedin Button

With approximately 187 million users spread over over 200 countries Linkedin is by far the world’s largest business network. In the German-speaking market it does however face strong competition from Xing. According to the latest figures Xing commands approx. 12 million users, of which 6 million are located in the German-speaking market. Xing clearly heads the field in this territory; however there are signs that Linkedin, which now commands around 3 million users could make ground during 2012/2013.

Linkedin makes meaningful gains in the German-speaking market

In 2011 rexx systems introduced the new solution Apply with Xing Button, enabling customers of rexx Enterprise Recruitments to integrate the Xing button into their job portal.

With a very similar implementation, the rexx Recruiting Software now supports this, in recognition of the increasing importance of Linkedin accounts. With the aid of the ‘Apply with Linkedin’ button, candidates with a Linkedin profile are now able to submit their application conveniently with just a few simple clicks from the rexx online job portal..
The most important of the declassified data from the user’s profile is then taken  from the interface and transferred automatically to the rexx application form. This applies not just for address and contact information. From the candidate’s career data, stored within Linkedin, a PDF resume is created, which is annexed to the online application form.

The Apply with Linkedin button fills the gaps

For years now the social business networks have offered the function to create job vacancies as well as the option to either link them directly to the job portal in question or send a direct email application.

It was previously necessary however,  for the applicants to fill out the application forms manually and attach a CV – this hindrance is no longer relevant thanks to these new features.

This ‘one-click’ form of application is already common within the English-speaking market, as the application process is, in comparison to the German market for example, considerably less formal. The new application button combines the brief application via Linkedin and Xing with the more traditional application, which is much more common in the German-speaking market (where job applications are usually very detailed, requiring documents such as qualifications, references etc.). To cater for these geographical differences, the applicant also has the option to complete his or her application individually e.g. add a cover letter or further job-specific information.

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