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Digital training management for better qualified trainees

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rexx systems news
Digital training management for better qualified trainees

Trainees are the lifeblood of a company. It all depends on how you get young people excited about your company and then support and encourage them throughout their training.

“Today’s youth is fundamentally corrupt, evil, godless and lazy,” reads the inscription on a Babylonian clay tablet, dated around 1000 BC. Teachers and trainers often express themselves similarly in 2019 AD, though perhaps a little less dramatically. Young people are criticised for their excessive sense of entitlement and unrealistic expectations, as reflected in the current German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Deutscher Industrie- und Handelskammertag, DIHK) training survey 2019. Many companies complain that they receive fewer applications, or unsuitable applications, from school leavers, meaning they are unable to fill all of their training places.

If you don’t advertise, you go without

rexx Azubimanagement
rexx systems introduces its Trainee Management for the first time at Zukunft Personal Europe 2019

“Businesses that encourage training and adapt to generation Z benefit from, and attract, trainees. These are often medium-sized or large companies that have HR departments, full-time trainers and marketing budgets. If you don’t advertise, you go without,” says the DIHK. According to the DIHK, the 3,000-year old complaint that everything’s getting worse is by no means justified. Many companies have noticed improvements in their trainees’ social skills this year, particularly with respect to interest, teamwork and resilience. Yet, there is a lack of suitable trainees at every turn. As a result, many companies are being proactive and are increasingly training weaker students. Any lack of German-language, maths or science skills is then made up for in the training phase.

Accompany training in a meaningful way

The actual work only begins after a successful application. rexx systems has designed something new to accompany training in a meaningful way. Efficient trainee management has been added to the rexx Suite, which will be presented at Zukunft Personal Europe 2019 from 17 to 19 September 2019 in Cologne. The rexx systems expert team presents trainee management in detail and shows how training is supported with the module.

Intelligent tools and algorithms for effective training

Lernpfade im Azubimanagement
Learning paths in trainee management

rexx Training Management uses intelligent tools and algorithms to plan, manage and monitor the whole training process. The software includes framework plans for almost 400 training professions in Germany and this is continuously being expanded. The framework plan learning objectives are described in detail and stored as an independent structure. An organisational chart lists exactly which learning objectives should be achieved in which organisational unit.

Learning objectives are aligned with training capacities using tried-and-tested matching algorithms. Trainers therefore get a straightforward overview of how trainees can learn in the most meaningful way and also receive detailed suggestions. The learning progress at individual training stations is automatically recorded and can be manually corrected if necessary.

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