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rexx recruiting universe – the complete package for all HR measures

rexx systems news
rexx recruiting universe – the complete package for all HR measures

Attracting suitable talents requires more than just application management software. As this alone doesn’t suffice — an entire network of tools that support you in finding and managing suitable candidates is better. With the Recruiting Universe, rexx systems offers the complete package to streamline all HR activities.

The rexx systems’ recruiting universe of contains a multitude of tools that not only support the work in HR departments but are also connected with each other. Starting with the search for the right candidate, through the onboarding process, to employee training and retention: standardised interfaces guarantee that workflows mesh effortlessly. Thanks to the bundled know-how, it is possible to connect upstream and downstream processes optimally. Since the software has a modular structure, users only use what they actually need.

The platform for all HR activities

The recruiting universe consists of the main components of application management (recruiting), human resources and talent management. Add-on tools, such as the job market finest jobs, various connectivity options and external systems complement the universe:

In the application management, the potential candidate goes through various steps leading up to the employment. This starts with the simple and uncomplicated placement of the job listing on all desired job portals through multi-posting and ends with the creation of the employment contract.

rexx life cycle

The “life cycle” in the new company

Thanks to the software, all processes can be managed transparently and swiftly. The career portal matches the company’s employer branding in a visually appealing way, thus, ensuring the perfect appearance. The interview management and contract assistant ensure that everything runs smoothly during the application process right up to the employment of the new staff member. Once the candidate has been successfully recruited, his/her “life cycle” in the new company starts. Onboarding begins, and the digital personnel file in human resources is filled with life. Master data maintenance and application submission become very easy with the HR software. With talent management, employers can identify their junior talents and help to retain and develop them in the long term. Appraisal interviews and target agreements can be stored so that the personnel can be trained and evolve accordingly. Skill management and event management help to keep track of the development of individual employees and document their progress.

Support in the search for the suitable candidate


The Talent Bringer – Employees recruit Employees

The recruiting universe also offers helpful support in the very first step, i.e., in the search for the suitable candidate:

The Talent Bringer is the professional recommendation management which works according to the principle “employees recruit employees”. This is because existing employees often know best who fits the company and can suggest suitable candidates for a position.

As a free browser plug-in, the Talent Grabber supports the search for prospective new employees in professional networks such as XING, LinkedIn, Honeypot and many more. The profiles can be imported directly into the applicant management system with a single click, making building your own talent pool, i.e., effective active sourcing easy.

Job listings are placed free of charge at the most popular job boards. They are directly linked to the Federal Employment Agency so that listings are published there immediately. Employers can use the employer seals “BEST Recruitment” and “TOP Recruitment” to distinguish themselves for their application processes, thus, leaving an attractive impression on candidates. The integrated talent pool ensures up-to-date recruitment by allowing employers to store potential candidates and access them at any time when needed. More than 60,000 talents are already available free of charge – and the number is growing with each day.

Offer targeted positions with the Job Bringer App

The mobile version of the finest jobs, the Jobbringer App, plays out intelligent job suggestions directly to mobile phones to over 40,000 active users. In addition, employers can offer positions to specific users.

Rexx API offers an outstanding connection to external systems. This includes, among other things, the connection to external job markets and social media channels for the rapid distribution of job listings. The interface to Outlook Calendar guarantees effortless coordination of appointments. Video interviews and online assessments can be seamlessly controlled with the applicant management software.

With rexx’s recruiting universe, HR departments become ideally positioned to retain new suitable employees. The modular structure offers the possibility to select exactly those elements one needs for useful HR work. This starts with finding and managing suitable candidates, continues with the onboarding process and ends with the development of existing personnel: an all-encompassing platform for successful HR work.

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