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Digitalisation and working from home are what employees want

Umfrage Digitalisierung und Homeoffice
rexx systems news
Digitalisation and working from home are what employees want

In our most recent survey of around 20,000 HR experts and decision-makers in Human Resources Management, we asked about their experiences during the coronavirus crisis. The main finding: working from home and digitisation are in demand.

Gradually a little normality is returning to many companies, and some employees are back in their offices. Now many HR decision-makers are considering the lessons to be learned from the crisis. The survey by the Hamburg-based manufacturer of HR software rexx systems, under the title “What experiences from the coronavirus crisis will have a lasting effect on your company?”, has revealed some insights.

Working from home and digitisation are desired

The response was very strong and many of the more than 20,000 HR experts and decision-makers in Human Resources Management surveyed made their voices heard. This shows how great the interest is in learning from the coronavirus crisis and sharing experiences.

The survey shows that almost half (48.2 percent) want more opportunities to work from home. A further 37.6 percent want more digitisation. There was a less positive response to the request for more video conferences (12.8 percent) than before the crisis. This could be because video conferences are already widely accepted and the demand for improvements is not so urgent. There is even less urgency when it comes to outsourcing, which is in last place on the wish list at 1.4 percent.

In general, many observers expect the changes to remain in place even once the crisis has been overcome. Many decision-makers who were initially sceptical have now had a positive experience of the home-working model, according to a study by Bain & Company, and want to continue to use it.

For years rexx systems has been calling for technological development of Human Resources and has helped many HR decision-makers to move beyond the age of Excel and Outlook as HR tools. The Hamburg-based company offers a modern HR software suite supported by artificial intelligence, which assists HR managers in all their work.

rexx systems with attractive offers

rexx systems GmbH offers a wide range of products that open up more opportunities for working from home and that drive forward digitisation. HR software from rexx systems is a genuine “platform for success” and offers many useful tools to make working from various locations and from home easier.

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