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Salary information – a neglected area with great potential

Salary Survey
rexx systems news
Salary information – a neglected area with great potential

A survey conducted by rexx systems showed that while most job ads placed by HR decision-makers omit salary details, job ads that do include salary information get much better response rates among potential candidates. Click here for more interesting insights from the survey.

rexx systems asked 20,000 HR experts and decision-makers in human resources management whether they included salary details in their job advertisements. The key finding is that only 14 percent of recruiters include salary details in their job ads. The other 86 percent leave it out. This is illustrated by the following infographic.

Google for Jobs” was launched in March 2019. That launch, rexx systems believes, marked the start of a new era in terms of job opportunities. Google uses a special interface to prepare and display job adverts in a targeted way. This makes it even more important for HR personnel decision-makers to harness the power of search engine optimisation (SEO). This will significantly increase the reach of the job ads among potential candidates. When it comes to attracting the right candidates, this channel has already proven itself alongside conventional job platforms.

The survey results show that if a job ad is be successful it must provide transparent salary information in addition to a good description of the job and associated duties.

The importance of coverage in the “war for talent”

The software from rexx systems has long been “ready for Google for Jobs”. The recruiting software is already using the standard to pass on structured job data to Google and job boards such as StepStone and others. This has the potential to create hitherto unimaginable reach. rexx systems is currently one of the few providers that have made the job postings of their customers Google-compatible.

Daniel Leitgeb“Companies that do not provide salary details are wasting opportunities, because job ads with salary details are ranked significantly higher in the search engine results. This increases the visibility of the advertisement and thus raises the awareness of the company and its brand in the market – and not only among candidates. We, therefore, advise you to include such information in future job advertisements. At the same time, we are extremely pleased with the large number of participants in our survey, which clearly proves that this topic greatly interests HR managers,” says Daniel Leitgeb, Head of customer care at rexx systems.

rexx systems offers comprehensive consulting services that help HR managers improve their HR strategy and, through its recruiting software, also offers assistance with search engine optimisation.

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