Outsourcing in Job Applicant Management

(CoWo / 2005-12-09) The merger between Wüstenrot and the Württembergische Versicherung was what triggered the IT supported modernisation and reorganisation of the human resource management.

In 1999, out of the merger between Wüstenrot and the Württembergische Versicherung, an independent financial services provider emerged with its headquarters in Stuttgart. Currently, integration within the group of the Karlsruher insurance group is in the pipeline. The merger also demanded that the work of the HR department be put on a more professional footing, in recruitment for example. In this context, the integration first and foremost of the internal and external recruitment processes was considered essential. The aim was to achieve a standardized and integrated IT platform for all the positions involved in the job applications process.

Joint project teams

HR and IT specialists from the group were commissioned to research into a solution at the beginning of 2005. A provider was sought who would not only supply the software and customising, but who would also operate the IT systems, ensure accessibility and support, and take care of the individual business processes.

Improvements to quality, rapid implementation and reducing costs were the main reasons for choosing an external provider – and the W&W group struck gold with the Hamburg-based recruitment specialists, rexx systems.

"Our goal was the electronic support of all the relevant workflows right down to the specialist departments”, said Bernd Seybold from the Württembergische Versicherung. In a joint project team made up of service company representatives and users, the processes and screens were modelled on the basis of a prototype. "Rapid prototyping in dialogue with the users helps to focus our imaginations and develop ideas on the basis of a concrete example" said Jens Brüggemann, project leader at rexx systems.

Complete digitalisation

An important requirement for a workflow without any paperwork bottlenecks is the complete digitalisation of all information concerning the applicant. It is equally important for the HR staff to quickly receive standardised information about the status of the application, applicant data or positions vacant. To this end, the candidates perform the electronic preparation of the data themselves, through the self-service facility in the online application system. Paper applications are captured and converted into digital form at a collection point outside the company, operated by rexx sytems.

With its rexx-Suite and smartSolution products, the company provides standard software solutions for the CRM, Recruiting and Human Resources.

7. August 2015

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Outsourcing in Job Applicant Management

Insurance company goes for software and operation outsourcing in Job Applicant Management with rexx Enterprise Recruiment

Outsourcing in Job Applicant Management

Insurance company goes for software and operation outsourcing in Job Applicant Management with rexx Enterprise Recruiment