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AMAG increases the efficiency of their human resources work with rexx

AMAG is the leading automobile dealership in Switzerland and, with around 6,500 employees, offers services related to automobility. The long-established Swiss company imports almost 30 percent of all vehicles and is therefore the clear No. 1 in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. AMAG operates around 80 of its own businesses and works with 370 partners and service workshops. The company not only sells high-end automobiles but also ensures the vehicles run reliably in all situations. With its own leasing company and further services, it is able to fulfil any mobility wishes.

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As the market leader, AMAG is a popular employer in Switzerland. To maintain this competitive advantage, they looked for a software would be able to professionally manage more than 30,000 applicants annually and also offer all employees optimum care and development opportunities.

“The challenge lies in the very complex structure of our company. It’s really all about achieving greater efficiency in our human resources work. We used to be simply drowning in paper but we now have everything in rexx, which means that everyone has access to it”, says Ms Jans, AMAG HR Development Manager.

AMAG Frau Jans

The great flexibility of rexx won over AMAG

The Talent Management Software from rexx systems perfectly fulfils the specific requirements, for which the focus is above all on Talent Management, such as personnel recruitment, e-recruiting, employee appraisals, personnel development and career planning. Thus, for example, personnel development activities at AMAG are today efficiently managed though the Employee Appraisals module. The 360-degree feedback helps here to provide insight from all perspectives into both employees and management staff. The software supports the HR department along the entire process chain – starting with the design of a questionnaire and including the documentation of staff appraisals and takeover of the administrative work.

AMAG relies on the Talent Management software from rexx systems
AMAG relies on the Talent Management software from rexx systems and optimises e.g. employee appraisals.

By analysing the personnel assessments and the individual employee skills, AMAG is able to offer tailor-made training courses, advanced training and seminars and appreciably improve employee loyalty. The optimised processes and workflows take the burden off the HR department for time-intensive routine tasks and create more freedom for strategic tasks. The Digital Personnel File is particularly time-saving and offers access from anywhere to all HR employees and management staff. SAP integration and the Manager and Employee Self Services (MSS & ESS) are further features that support AMAG in their day-to-day work in the area of HR.

Application processes can be designed more efficiently

The introduction of the rexx software has also meant that application processes at AMAG can be carried out more conveniently and efficiently. It is now possible for an applicant to apply using their XING profile, for example. This extremely simple and convenient online application offers potential employees real time savings.

AMAG Frau Caluori

“rexx really accompanies us every step of the way – be it for announcing new positions, in applicant management, event management or in the Digital Personnel File”, explains Ms Caluori, AMAG Recruiting Team Leader.

Perfectly equipped for personnel recruitment and human resource management, AMAG is now free to concentrate fully on their future direction.

“We made a conscious decision to use the Talent Management software by rexx systems. During a comprehensive selection process we became firmly convinced that the rexx Suite is a perfect match for what we require for modern HR management and its many functions offers clear advantages when it comes to the quality and efficiency of our day-to-day HR work.”

AMAG Frau Pfister

Evelyn Pfister
AMAG HR Services Manager

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