Since 2005, the German Elektrobit branch has been relying on e-recruitment with rexx. The software company specialises in so-called embedded software, software for the automotive industry, as well as so-called wireless software for mobile end devices.

In 2008, with approx. 1,800 employees, the Elektrobit Group achieved an international turnover of approx. 170 million euros. Elektrobit not only has subsidiaries in Europe, but also in the USA and Asia.

Almost everyone has indirectly come into contact with Elektrobit software because, as Europe’s largest provider of navigation software, the company licenses software for a number of well-known providers of electronic devices. In addition, Elektrobit software is also integrated into many car information systems, e.g. that of Audi.

In 2007, rexx Recruitment was introduced as the standard software for e-recruiting and applicant management in the entire corporation, including the headquarters in Finland.

The special challenge for IT recruitment consisted of identifying high potentials early on in the application process, even as a recruiter or at management level. Due to the very specialised professional requirements, the rexx job portal offers a detailed complex of questions that optimally pre-qualifies the suitability of an applicant for different roles and job profiles.

In 2011, additional rexx modules were introduced, for example rexx skill management. The employees’ competencies are mapped in a 360° view: self-appraisal vs. appraisal by the superior, as well as development goals for individual skills.

On the one hand, this creates an excellent basis for fast and efficient project staffing, as the skills can be queried via the powerful rexx search as required and matched with target profiles. On the other hand, skill management in combination with the integrated performance appraisals and training plans provides a fully-integrated tool for integrated personnel development – often also referred to as talent management.

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