Consulting with HRexcellent

Consulting mit HRexcellent

The rexx group focuses the expertise and bundles the entire competence in the areas of project management and consulting in the subsidiary HRexcellent. The certified employees have many years of experience in introducing the entire rexx suite. In addition, the HRexcellent team provides support for all extensions or requirements that arise during ongoing operations. In […]

New Hiring: A new understanding of recruiting

New hiring and recruiting

It is no longer a secret: today’s world of work is changing at a speed that leaves many employers shaking their heads. The process of change already began a few years ago – but now two factors have coincided to break the camel’s back: The pandemic has significantly accelerated the digital transformation. And at the […]

Recruiting via messenger: seven exciting use cases for HR

Recruiting per Messenger

Around nine out of ten members of Generations Y and Z use WhatsApp to post or consume content themselves. And even the post-war generation and the baby boomers are mostly loyal users of the messenger service. For employers, this fast medium means enormous opportunities in the recruiting area, as the following use cases show. Seven […]

Generation Z: with learning culture to digital talents

digitaler Nachwuchs - Generation Z

There is not company, that can ignore the major trend toward digitization. Those who don’t at least ride the wave (if they don’t surf ahead of it) will have a hard time surviving on the market in the future. The digital transformation is not only a challenge for entrepreneurs – employees also have to get […]

Recognising emotional intelligence: the smart questions to ask in a job interview

Emotional intelligece: job interview

Three out of four employers are convinced that the emotional intelligence (EI) of their employees will be an important factor for corporate success in the coming years. This is the conclusion of the study “Emotional intelligence – the essential skillset for the age of AI” conducted by the Capgemini Research Institute. Against this background, however, […]

Maternity leave, parental leave and the return to work

Maternity leave, parental leave and return to the work

Expectant parents have their hands full with the upcoming changes before the birth. Diapers, the nursery, breastfeeding – there are plenty of questions to be answered and preparations to be made. But there is one topic that expectant mothers (and fathers) should not lose sight of: the further course of their professional career. Because while […]

Implementing the EU Whistleblower Directive

EU Whistleblower

The EU Commission enacted the new EU Whistleblower Directive EU 2019/1937 in October 2019. So it is not all that new. However, it has now come back into focus because the implementation deadline for member states expired in mid-December 2021. Germany, like many other EU countries, has not yet implemented a law to protect whistleblowers […]

Please stay! How employers can prevent terminations with stay interviews

Stay interviews can prevent terminations

Once the dismissal is on the table, it is almost impossible to encourage the employee to stay. A new trend is therefore to find out early on what motivates employees or makes their daily work miserable. The focus is now shifting to so-called “stay interviews”: conversations that get to the bottom of possible reasons for […]

ISO certification: rexx systems offers the highest data protection

ISO Zertifizierung: rexx bietet TÜV-gepruefte Informationssicherheit

rexx systems is now officially certified according to ISO 27001 after a successful audit by TÜV Nord for its management systems. This seal of approval for a high level of IT security also applies to the sister companies rexxact and HRexcellent as well as to the subsidiaries in Austria and Switzerland. The rexx group of […]

Do loyalty programmes really create more employee retention?

Loyalty programmes for employee retention

In view of the continuing shortage of skilled workers, many companies are trying to retain their employees in the long term by giving them loyalty or loyalty programmes over and above their salary. Which ones are worth considering and, above all, does it make any difference at all? Although the Corona crisis has temporarily caused […]