Please stay! How employers can prevent terminations with stay interviews

Stay interviews can prevent terminations

Once the dismissal is on the table, it is almost impossible to encourage the employee to stay. A new trend is therefore to find out early on what motivates employees or makes their daily work miserable. The focus is now shifting to so-called “stay interviews”: conversations that get to the bottom of possible reasons for […]

ISO certification: rexx systems offers the highest data protection

ISO Zertifizierung: rexx bietet TÜV-gepruefte Informationssicherheit

rexx systems is now officially certified according to ISO 27001 after a successful audit by TÜV Nord for its management systems. This seal of approval for a high level of IT security also applies to the sister companies rexxact and HRexcellent as well as to the subsidiaries in Austria and Switzerland. The rexx group of […]

Do loyalty programmes really create more employee retention?

Loyalty programmes for employee retention

In view of the continuing shortage of skilled workers, many companies are trying to retain their employees in the long term by giving them loyalty or loyalty programmes over and above their salary. Which ones are worth considering and, above all, does it make any difference at all? Although the Corona crisis has temporarily caused […]

Remote work and high sensitivity: can it work?

Hochsensibilität und Remote Work

A good sensitivity for bad moods and emerging conflicts, an enormous striving for perfectionism, a pronounced sense of justice – highly sensitive people in the workplace stand out due to their special characteristics. Research on high sensitivity is still in its infancy. And yet scientists assume that around 15 to 20 percent of all people […]

In Progress: HR trends in 2022

HR-Trends 2022

Before the COVID-19 pandemic turned the entire HR field inside out (and back again), the industry was registering new, hip trends every year. Buzzwords like artificial intelligence, one-click applications or employer branding heated up the tempers. Since the beginning of the crisis, a certain process of rethinking has become apparent. On the one hand, this […]

Working Out Loud – What does the concept achieve for companies?

working out loud concept

A new concept that is currently reaching the working world and once again sounds like a modern term from the New Work environment is that of Working Out Loud. But what does it mean? Working Out Loud (WOL) is a concept that aims to share the accumulated knowledge of employees in a company both with […]

New module in the rexx Suite: Whistleblowing, the effective whistleblower system


On December 16, 2019, the EU Directive on the protection of whistleblowers came into force and is to be converted into national law by the EU countries by December 31, 2021. In Germany, this is to be done in the so-called “Whistleblower Protection Act”, which could not be passed in the old legislative period. But […]

Pay cut for employees in the home office

Less salary in the home office

United States: Large companies such as Google and Facebook use location-based salary models and drastically reduce the salaries of many home office employees. What is the background to this practice – and would such an approach also be possible in Germany and other countries? standard at many companies. Employees around the globe not only feel […]

Gaslighting at work


Gaslighting is a criminal offence. But for a long time, most victims are completely unaware that someone is playing a dirty trick on them. The aim is to make the victim so insecure that he no longer trusts his own mind – and thus becomes increasingly dependent on the very person who is controlling and […]

How to terminate the low performers

low-performer kündigen

Repeated tardiness, a low quantity of work or poor quality – there are many reasons why employees fall short of the employer’s expectations with their work performance. The bad news: To some degree, the employer must accept substandard performance. The good news: With good documentation of work performance, there are definitely starting points to legally […]