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Talent Relationship Management in Recruitment

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Talent Relationship Management in Recruitment
Are you already familiar with this problem? Applications that take an age to process – because they are still sat on the desk of the specialist department. Because you have to wait too long for feedback from the works committee. Because the decision-making regarding personnel has to be made elsewhere. Because the applicant perhaps doesn’t suit the position in question – but you don’t want to turn them down just yet as a suitable position is due to be published in a few weeks’ time.

TRM – Talent Relationship Management

Wouldn’t it be great to have all these candidates recognized by one system and then have them sent an automatic yet personalized hold-message? Data protection also needs to be taken into consideration: there are numerous candidates parked in the talent pool – but consent to the storage of their data is limited. With the assistance of the TRM module from rexx, automatic messages  can be sent  to all candidates in the pool, whose limited consent has expired. This then enables you to request an extension to store the applicant’s data for e.g. a further 12 months.

Automatically update data from the talent pool

You operate a talent pool. But what actually happens with the candidate’s data? Statistically, 25% of address and contact details become obsolete every 12 months.

Wouldn’t it be ideal, if rexx took over the data maintenance and cyclically wrote to the pool candidates, requesting them to update their data via the rexx-portal – combined of course with nicely-formulated and contact-orientated wording? Perhaps you would also like to congratulate the people in your talent pool on their birthday? Or turn down candidates who have no suitable ranking and who have already exceeded a specific time frame without achieving a conclusive system status?

A new niveau for relationship management

The new contact maintenance module from rexx automatically takes care of all this! You formulate different rules via “request”, which are then combined with a template, which, according to your exact specifications rexx Applicant Management Software then sends. This occurs automatically and is of course personalized.

Comprehensive control- and preview functions enable the simple and arbitrary definition of rules for the sending of maintenance tasks, as well as the simulation of results. You decide to what occasion, on which date, in which cycle and of course which candidates receive the automatic maintenance emails.
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