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Why even more companies are opting for online recruiting

rexx systems news
Why even more companies are opting for online recruiting

Over the past number of years, the internet has revolutionized many aspects of everyday life and how we communicate with each other. How companies outsource manpower and process applications sits at the forefront of these developments. 

E-recruiting or online recruitment has, over the past few years, integrated itself into not only the application process but also how firms, large and small, present themselves online and set about recruiting new talent. Electronic recruiting has enabled companies to broaden (or narrow, if required) their search criteria and open up positions to a global market. 

Of course, there is still a place for print media, but e recruiting is cost-effective, efficient and reaches a larger target audience, making it the preferred choice for many firms.

Quality and efficiency are two important factors when it comes to processing incoming job applications. E-recruitment drastically speeds up time-to-hire. Why?

Because the internet is open 24/7 and seven days a week, meaning the response time of applicants can be almost instantaneous once the job has been published. Quickness is, of course, not everything. With the applicant management software from rexx systems, you can carry out all the processes, which is carried out manually, would be laboriously time-consuming.

With the help of the intelligent and highly functional rexx workflow engine, applicant data is managed and processed with the target of maximizing efficiency. Personal contact between candidate and recruiter is of course still highly important, not least in building relationships.

This is why rexx has developed and utilizes effective functions that enable communication between company and candidate. This includes templates for standard letters, for example a Birthday greeting – ensuring applicants who may be suitable for future, not yet published positions, remain active and are looked after.

Convenient for the recruiter

The ATS or applicant tracking system from rexx does not just support online and email applications; it also able to process traditional paper applications with the help of an integrated CV parser.

Creating and publishing job posts via external portals such as Monster or Stepstone is a quick and simple process, but the ability to create a unique job portal for your company’s website also offers visitors the option of applying directly from your site.

Potentials that have actively sought out and show interest in your company on the internet are often of high quality. Whether via your company’s website, external job portals or Linkedin, all incoming applications will land in the rexx application center.

With features such as the traffic light system, which is designed to highlight high potentials or provide warnings, you are able to accurately filter and process the candidates. The ATS enables you to keep track of all activity in one place. By performing the administrative elements of your recruitment needs via rexx software, you save valuable time, which can be invested elsewhere in your business.

Find the most suitable candidate

The application process is also for potential candidates much simpler than conventional means. Applying via your rexx job portal using the Linkedin button for example, streamlines the entire application process. This function enables applicants to apply with almost “one click” and does not require the separate uploading of numerous documents or the filling out of long-winded forms. If attracting the right caliber applicant is a priority, then editing the content and appearance of job adverts to match the branch, age-range and profile of the desired role is also possible.

Personal contact is of course still required to gauge whether a candidate possesses the right levels of interpersonal skills, work ethic etc. The interview stage allows recruiter to asses these factors, make notes and formulate first impressions of the candidate. All this information can be reliably documented using rexx applicant management software. Feedback and notes can then be called up in the system, reviewed by colleagues and used in deciding whether to employ, reject or invite a candidate for another interview. E recruiting and rexx ATS offers a virtual management system which administers the entire recruitment process, from job portal to cv administration, from interview right through to internal talent management.

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