Create a reference or employment contract with rexx HR software

Whether it's an interim reference or a final leaving reference: writing an employer's reference is not simple task. With the rexx contract and reference generator, you give your HR managers a tool to create a qualified reference quickly and easily.

In the first step, the request is usually made by the employee via the self-service portal. With one click, the information that a reference is to be created is sent to the respective persons involved.

Already here, rexx HR supports you: Via text modules and the classic grading system, a suitable text for the employee's evaluation can be found quickly. An extensive database with various formulations for the reference is provided. You centrally specify the desired structure of the document and the possible formulations for each performance level.


In addition to the performance metrics, framework data like entry and exit dates, development in the company or training and further education measures are part of a professional reference. rexx HR delivers this data conveniently using placeholders. Even the responsibilities are automatically taken from the job description at the rexx position chart. In this way, you can create the perfect job entry with just one click - without tediously search for this data.

Approval workflow for job reference or employment contracts

The rexx contract and reference generator is not only suitable as a self-service tool for managers, but can also be used in a very traditional way. For example, the manager creates a draft or just gives his assessment to the HR department. HR creates the draft for the reference, which then goes back to the manager via rexx workflow, who changes or confirms the document. The entire reference workflow including history is automatically documented in the digital personnel file.

The job references and workflows become a reality even in decentralised organisations. This function saves time and money, prevents unwanted negative formulations and improves employer branding.

The rexx Suite offers diverse support for the digitalisation of work processes - not only in the HR environment: workflows, reminders, blogs, group calendars, tasks in the rexx Kanban Board or chat and video functions.


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10. December 2020

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