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On-target succession planning

Find the best talent for key positions that need to be filled.

rexx systems
On-target succession planning

Find the best talent for key positions that need to be filled.

rexx Succession Planning.

Strategic succession planning provides you with an up-to-date overview of the talent that may potentially come into question to efficiently fill key positions.


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Analysis & planning
rexx systems

Analysis and planning

An intuitive interface allows you to identify key areas, that is, positions that are important to the organisation, for which a swift reappointment from within the existing ranks of a company needs to be ensured. To do so, our software analyses information regarding increased resignation risk such as the end of an appointment due to departure or retirement, or erroneous appointments. Armed with this information, you can intervene early enough in planning the career of suitable talent and preparing them for positions that become free. The extensive tools in rexx HR Talent Management, such as Management by Objectives, rexx Employee Appraisals or rexx Skills Management allow you to automatically identify these employees much more efficiently.
Potential matrix
rexx systems

Potential matrix

In addition to these classic methods, rexx Talent Management offers the optional use of the so-called “performance potential matrix”. This is an effective and easy-to-use-instrument to allow managers to categorise talent in quadrants of the matrix, adjust them in any way and integrate them into the process.

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Talent pools

Increase the loyalty of your talent by making concrete and formal suggestions for possible career paths and options for development. rexx Succession Planning allows you to create flexible talent pools for the diverse career paths of your talent and support them in planning their career. In the process, you determine yourself which personnel development measures a potential talent needs to go through to achieve the respective step or career stage: training measures, special interviews or assessments, project tasks, development of required skills or achieving a specific objective.

Employees skills
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Workflow engine

The rexx workflow engine allows you to freely define processes relevant to succession planning. Specify when a talent reaches which stage or which person and parties are involved in which steps of the planning process and how they should be involved in succession planning. Automated reminders of the individual process steps are also optional.

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Organigram management

Succession and career planning is wholly integrated with rexx Organigram Management. You don’t just receive lists, but intuitive organigrams, which can be opened to show current, future or previous planning statuses. The so-called “domino simulation” quickly calculates how the organigram, based on succession planning, changes when a particular person is left out. The results of the analysis are presented clearly in a chart.

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